ADA Members Retirement Program is a customized plan tailored to meet your needs. Dedicated specialists will help you throughout the whole process and help to navigate 401(k) regulations.

ADA Members Retirement Program is a new kind of 401(k) experience, with easy management, convenient plan design and fast access to educational tools to help employers and employees in preparing for retirement.

The Members Retirement Program is endorsed by your association or group and is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals like yourself, by offering you an affordable, flexible way to help build your retirement assets and take advantage of potential savings today.

Establishing a retirement plan is a huge step in the evolution of your practice, but as a member, it doesn’t have to cost you big money or consume a lot of your time.

There are three investment strategies from which to choose: Asset Allocation — Age-Based, Asset Allocation — Risk-Based, and Choose Your Own Investment Mix. You can choose the strategy that aligns with your retirement goals.