On Saturday, the evening “Teacher of the Year: Studies and Thanks” was held at the Harold Concert Hall, where awards and prizes were presented to teachers and educators. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Laura Bell. The “Support Specialist” award was received by Carol Ellis.

The annual ceremony was held for the seventh time. This year, a record number of applications were submitted to the Teacher of the Year 2019 competition – 1389 candidates. It was very difficult to determine the top three teachers in 11 categories.

“Each of the candidates deserves to get a prize. It is a pity that someone didn’t get the prize, but we have to make a choice,” said Gregory Mathew, a representative of EducationUSA.

The award in the nomination “Support Specialist” was received by Carol Ellis – a teacher working in the local kindergarten “Jack & Jill Daycare and Preschool”. She noted that the prize is an honor, but even without it, her devotion will remain the same.

“We need to love our work, do it well. To love children. We need to realize our craziest ideas. So far I have succeeded,” said Carol Ellis.

The award known as “For the Work of a Lifetime” was awarded to Laura Bell, a former director of Gateway Regional High School.

Laureates of the Teacher of the Year Award:

  • Support Specialist – Carol Ellis, Jack & Jill Daycare and Preschool;
  • Primary school teacher – Richard Mitchell, Aukamm Elementary;
  • Class teacher of the year – James Johnson, Little Harbor Elementary School;
  • Primary school subject teacher – Frances Moore, Yarmouth Elementary School ;
  • Gymnasium teacher – Manuela Mabe, Design and Architecture Senior High;
  • Reference specialist – Henry Walton, High Technology High School;
  • Vocational school teacher – Margaret Heckstall, Hume Fogg Magnet High School;
  • University lecturer – John Hawkins, Sussex Academy Of Arts And Sciences;
  • The head of the educational institution – Raquel Whalen, Stuyvesant High School;
  • Friend of Education – Nicholas Rushing, Academy for Information Technology;
  • Achievement of the year in an educational institution – Middletown High School;
  • Education Life Award – Laura Bell, Stanton College Preparatory School.

All laureates received state prizes in the amount of $10,000. Laura Bell was awarded a prize of $65,000. Traditionally, awards are given to teachers by their former or current students.