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                      From the president:

Staffing. I want to begin with a few comments regarding the changes in CSU-ERFA staffing.   After ending his teaching career, Don Cameron flunked retirement (like yours truly) and served for more than eight years as Executive Director of our organization.  As a number of you who interacted with him regularly have emphasized, he did a marvelous job and helped expand and strengthen CSU-ERFA.  Now he is fully retired and moved to University Village in Thousand Oaks. I am very familiar with that complex since one of my relatives as well as a friend live there and we visit them occasionally.  Now Don can spend more time on the golf course and traveling. I wish him well and plan to share a meal with him when I visit The Village. We are extremely fortunate to have Harold Goldwhite assume the Executive Director’s position as of July 1st.  Harold and Don worked together closely to ease the transition.  Given Harold’s background and knowledge of the CSU, the future of our group looks bright.  

We also have a relatively new Office Manager, Melanie Mamakos.  Though we no longer have a student intern, Melanie has very ably assumed the daily operational duties of the office. She just completed her probationary period and was highly recommended by Don for permanent status.  What a team we have at CSUN!!

Executive Committee Meeting.  Our leadership team met on August 13th.   In addition to the usual reports on our finances (which continue to be stable and healthy), we were informed that our website is frequently visited.  Mark Shapiro does an excellent job of keeping it current and informative.  Our Legislative Affairs Committee, after reviewing the many initiatives that will be on the California ballot in November, recommended that CSU-ERFA not take positions on any of them at this time.  Leni Cook, our new co-chair of the committee, summarized a number of the complex items for us.  I encourage all of you to study the propositional legalize carefully, consider the positions of the groups whose opinions you respect, and, most important, get out and vote in this critical election.  We also discussed plans for the next State Council meeting on October 22nd  at Cal Poly Pomona.  Tom Donahue, chair of the Pre- and Post Retirement Committee, told us that they are considering revisions of the Survivor’s Guide.  If you or your colleagues have any suggestions, please forward them to Tom (donahue_thomas@ymail.com).

Archivist.  Judson Grenier has served as the CSU-ERFA Archivist since  the creation of this valuable historical resource in 2006.  He has done a remarkable job of maintaining systematic records of our nefarious operations.  My Dominguez Hills colleague of almost half a century has requested a replacement.  Since the archives for the entire system as well as CSU-ERFA are housed at our campus, we sought a successor from one of the So Cal campuses.  A emeritus colleague of ours from the DH library, Joanna Dunklee, has agreed to succeed Judd. They will work together to make this transition transparent as well. Thanks again, Judd and welcome Joanna.

CSU-ERFA E-Magazine.  Our Vice President, Barry Pasternack, suggested that we develop an electronic magazine for our members. He presented a number of ideas regarding content and distribution. The Executive Committee was very enthusiastic about this 21st century communications tool and urged him to present it to our Publications Committee.  Stay Internet tuned.

Soles4Souls.   A pilot project to assess the viability of my proposed “CSU Million Shoe Campaign” in partnership with the non-profit Soles4 Souls (S4S) was conducted during the spring, 2016 semester at Dominguez Hills.  The project was co-chaired by Sam Wiley and me.  We drafted a report on the pros and cons as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the campus shoe drive. The Executive Committee had authorized the creation of an ad hoc committee to review this report and make recommendations.  We created a small group consisting of Barbara Sinclair (Los Angeles) Chair, Tom Donahue, (San Diego), Sara Jaye Hart (Humboldt) and Sam Wiley and me (Dominguez Hills).  The group also included a mystery man from Northridge (Richard Castillo) who nobody knew and who did not join us for our conference call meeting. Harold Goldwhite joined us and he and Melanie arranged the Internet meeting. 

The ad hoc committee recommended and the Executive Committee concurred that we should expand the S4S to as many of the CSU campuses as possible.  However, in order to get fully organized they recommended that the fall, 2016 semester be used to gear up and the S4S  shoe drive be conducted during the spring, 2017 term.  They also recommended that I draft a letter to be sent to our State Council, Chapter Presidents, CSSA, ASCSU, the CO, as well as campus senates, provosts, AS, Alumni Associations, etc.  Please spread the word on your campus so we can get all constituent groups informed and, hopefully, interested in participating.  I would like to have an emeritus and/or retired faculty member chair each campus group.  It is worth repeating one of my many sound bite mottos: Think globally, act locally (and in this case, send footwear from your closet to the needy on Planet Earth).

Be well, stay active and stay involved!!!!  Bill Blischke - August 2016

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