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CSU-ERFSA Executive Committee - 2018-19

Picture of Bill Blischke

William Blischke (Dominguez Hills)

Barry Pasternack (Fullerton)
Vice President

Picture of Barbara Sinclair.

Barbara Sinclair (Los Angeles)
Past President

Picture of Harry Sharp.

Harry Sharp (San Luis Obispo)

Picture of Rita Jones.

Rita Jones (Long Beach)

Picture of Alan Wade.

Alan Wade (Sacramento)
At Large

Picture of Harold Goldwhite.

Harold Goldwhite (Los Angeles)
Executive Director

George Diehr (San Marcos)
At Large

David Wagner (Sacramento)
At Large

Picture of Tom Donahue

Tom Donahue (San Diego)
At Large & Pre- & Post Retire-
ment Committee Chair

Edward Aubert (Stanislaus)
Membership Committee Chair

Marshelle Thobaben (Humboldt)
Grant Awards Committee Chair

Leni Cook (Dominguez Hills)
CFA Liaison

Ted Anagnoson (Los Angeles)
Editor, The Reporter

Picture of Mark Shapiro.

Mark H. Shapiro (Fullerton)

Executive Committee Meeting Dates

TBA (via Zoom Video Conference)


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