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CSU-ERFSA was founded in 1985 in response to threats and attempts to reduce or eliminate CSU retirees rights, privileges and benefits and to support the activity of retired faculty and staff as continuing members of the California State University community. Anyone who has retired from the CSU system and is receiving a pension from CalPERS based on that service is eligible to join CSU-ERFSA.

Since its founding in 1985, CSU-ERFSA (formerly CSU-ERFA) has centered its activities on the protection and enhancement of retiree benefits. A few of its accomplishments include:

(1) Leading the development of the PERS Long Term Care Partnership option.

(2) Being instrumental in stopping the use of $2 billion from PERS pension supplemental funds to offset the state budget. These funds might be used to lessen retiree losses due to inflation .

(3) Supporting adoption of Proposition 162, the Pension Protection Initiative, which was a result of the combined efforts of CSU-ERFSA and a coalition of senior groups. It was approved by the California voters and is now part of the California Constitution (Art. XVI, Sect. 17).

(4) Keeping a close watch on the investment and use of PERS funds because legislative action and court decisions could diminish the intended effect of Proposition 162.

(5) Successfully supported adoption by the CSU Board of Trustees of a resolution recognizing Emeritus faculty as continuing members of the academic community.

(Visit our accomplishments page to view a more detailed list of CSU-ERFSA accomplishments on behalf of its members and all CSU retirees.)

The Association publishes a newsletter, the Reporter, four times a year. This journal keeps members informed about pending legislation in the state legislature and Congress, as well as actions of public executive officers, the office of the CSU Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees that could affect member benefits, rights, or privileges. CSU-ERFSA also sends those members who request it a yearly pocket calendar that includes important addresses of CSU-ERFSA officers, campus retiree organizations, and members of the PERS Administrative Board.


The State Council is the governing body of CSU-ERFSA.  It includes CSU-ERFSA officers, executive committee members-at-large, delegates from campus affiliated organization, nine at-large delegates, chairs of CSU-ERFSA's standing committees, and ex officio members.  The State Council meets usually meets twice a year.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the CSU-ERFSA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, past president, executive director, the editor of the Reporter, the CSU-ERFSA webmaster, and four at-large members.

In addition, CSU-ERFSA currently has five standing committees, an archivist, and liaisons to the California Faculty Association and the CSU Academic Senate.

The CSU-ERFSA Constitution and By-laws are available online in pdf form (these documents will be updated soon to reflect recent amendments, webmaster 8/22/18).

CSU-ERFSA Constitution


Administrative Staff

The day-to-day operations of CSU-ERFSA are carried out by a small paid staff consisting of our Executive Director, and Office Manager who work out of the Retiree Center at Cal State Northridge.

Staff Contact Information

Picture of Harold Goldwhite.

Harold Goldwhite
(Los Angeles), Executive Director

Picture of Office Manager Melanie Mamakos.

Melanie Mamakos
, Office Manager

The Retiree Center
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8339
(For prompt mail delivery, please include the 9-digit zip code on your correspondence.)

Office Hours (effective May 16, 2016) - Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time
Voicemail messages may be left outside of regular office hours.

Phone: (818) 677-6522
FAX: (818) 677-6511
email: csuerfsa@csun.edu

CSU-ERFSA Listserv

CSU-ERFSA recently established a "listserv" to rapidly inform members of important association information.  A "listserv" is an automated email list.  Messages posted to the listserver are automatically sent to all email addresses that have subscribed to the list.  There are two types of listservers, unmoderated and moderated.  Anybody who is subscribed to the "listserv" can post a message.  If the "listserv" is unmoderated that message is immediately sent out to everyone on the list.  If the "listserv" is moderated, a moderator must approve the message before it can be sent out to the list.  The CSU-ERFSA listserv is moderated.  To join the CSU-ERFSA listserv click on the following http://lists.sjsu.edu/lists&+csu-erfa.  When you see the form on the website fill in your name and complete email address.  You will receive an email message confirming that you have been added to the listserv.


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